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Dental Handpiece Having Internal Filter Unit

The present invention provides a dental handpiece filter unit containing a filter that minimizes the exposure of patients to pathogens found in the dental water supply lines while promoting frequent replacement ol DUWL filters by providing a disposable microfiltration filter that is easily replaced at low cost. A disk or membrane type filter is placed in a disconnectable autoclavable filter unit in the handle of an existing design dental instrument such that the form and function of the dental instrument are not adversely affected. The handpiece filter unit, which fits in-line between the dental unit and the water line fitting, includes a waterline connector, a filter-housing unit, and a handpiece connector. Each of these components is connected to each other via plastic tubing. Specifically, the air and exhaust lines run from the waterline connector to the handpiece connector, circumventing the filter unit. The water line, however, passes from the waterline connector, through the filter unit where the water is filtered, and into the handpiece connector. This unique design of three distinct compartments which are autoclavable, connected by autoclavable plastic piping makes the handpiece filter unit both economical to produce and ideal for its intended use.

For more information please see the Dr. Seltzer's full patent document here.